Thursday, December 8, 2011

If I'm going to run, I may as well leap

I had been thinking about finger and foot prints (and how we all leave a piece of ourselves on everything we touch) and decided to sketch a montage of foot/shoe prints.  I find it pretty amazing that at one point millions of years ago dinosaurs and various extinct creatures were out and about living their lives all over the world including the very place I am sitting right now.  Our planet has evolved quite a bit since then; however, these ancient creatures were able to leave their footprints behind for us to now marvel at.  During their time, they would never have guessed that they would be studied and admired the way they are today.  Dinosaurs have made quite an impression on history.

One day I hope to make such a permanent impression - not necessarily on the world.  I would be content with just one person having a lasting memory of me and of the goals I have set for myself and hopefully accomplished.  I would like to look back and know that I have been the person I knew I could be and have no regrets.  This sketch attempts to convey these thoughts.  One large leap for me is just another small step for mankind.  Nevertheless, I hope to be a part of that step.

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