Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm always ready for the unexpected

Expect the unexpected.... I tend to make impulsive moves followed by over analysis of those very same actions.  I'm usually very organized and like to have everything planned out "ten" years prior to making any decisions or movements.  Lately, I have convinced myself that acting without much thought is necessary and have decided to add some spontaneity to my life.  These actions have sometimes proved to be too irrational, but mainly this new way of thinking and acting has been exhilarating.  This sketch is a product of the disorder and disconnection associated with my spontaneous actions.

I decided to sketch every possible thing I could think of at that particular moment.  I was just getting very excited about sketching and the possibility of translating my ideas into art - I couldn't restrain my mind or pencil.  I found myself sketching different items being held together by stitches and safety pins as a way of representing the disorder I have found myself in and keeping it in check.  The paint brush and color pallet represent my enthusiasm linked to painting.  The needle in the top left corner was a product of the fact that I was hand sewing part of my Halloween costume at the time (the best Halloween costume I must add!).  I can't wait for another sketch full of the random thoughts occupying my brain at the time!

The following is an example of stability (the complete opposite of my sketch):
Chromatin - a very ordered and organized structure comprising all of the genes in our bodies....

That's pretty amazing!

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  1. Amazing indeed! Your posts continue to impress and inspire me. And I find it interesting the dichotomy you draw between your random (your sketch) and order (chromatin). Life needs both, and it's a beautiful dynamic.