Sunday, November 6, 2011


The first thing that came to mind to sketch was this picturesque waterfall I had seen and taken photos of when I was on vacation as a kid.  Years ago I chose to paint a picture of a photograph of this particular waterfall, and memories of the painting process and joy associated with it convinced me that this waterfall should be a part of my first sketch.  The waterfall I chose to sketch was one that I had seen on my most favorite vacation.  I remember being so happy and without a care in the world.  Go figure that getaway was my family Vermont and New Hampshire vacation ---- This is promising since I'll be in this area for quite some time.

An upside down horseshoe also made its way into this sketch.  It doesn't seem to be an essential part, but it's importance to me far exceeds its size.  In most of Europe, horseshoes are placed in a downward facing position, and the horseshoe is known to have magical, protective, and lucky powers.

I have worn one myself for over a year now (it was given to me by my mother and grandparents and is made of Russian gold), and I like to believe these powers are real.  It's nice having something to believe in :) The horseshoe reminds me of my loving family and how lucky I am in every possibly way.


  1. It always will protect you :-)) Love you docya :-))

  2. Vermont is a beautiful place, and so is your art! During your time here we will definitely be going on some serious adventures- and you best bring your sketch pad!